Formula libre races / 2019 season.

Calabogie libre challenge
Events Date
Test & Tune April 27 2019
Race 1 May 2 2019
Race 2 May 18 2019
Race 3 June 14 2019
Race 4 July 12 2019
Race 5 Aug 10 2019
Race 6 Sept 14 2019
Race 7 Sept 29 2019

2019 News

This year there ‎will be one all day test day and 7 race evenings. The championship will count 6 of the races. So if you have a schedule conflict or bad luck you get to drop one race so a better chance of winning the championship.

We will only present trophies if there are 2 or more cars in a class. There is a Legend class as long as there are 3 or more cars.

Qualifying Cars

Any type of formula car sports racer or legend car is eligible, so long as you meet a few basic requirements.

*** For more information, please see the Callabogie challenge rules on the Calabogie Motorsports park website. ***

Kyle Nash Race weekend
Event Date
Test day May 31 2019
Kyle Nash June 1st - 2nd 2019

Ted Powell Race Weekend
Event Date
Ted Powell Will return in 2020